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Acrylmeric System

Elastomeric exterior coatings for homesThe ACRYLMERIC System is a high quality range of flexible, long lasting coatings specially developed for the extremes of the Australian environment. These products have been researched, developed and tested over 40 years to withstand the effects of Australia’s harsh sun, rain and extreme temperatures.

The ACRYLMERIC System is a breakthrough in surface coating technology which provides an elastomeric membrane coating system, without the use of plasticisers. Plasticisers have a tendency to leach out of dried film and this is accelerated by exposure to the elements, especially ultra-violet degradation and the action of rain. With ACRYLMERIC products, naturally flexible resins are used instead, providing unsurpassed durability of the dried membrane film to deliver a longer lasting finish with improved flexibility. In addition, special wetting agents improve the flow ability of the coatings and lessen air entrapment, resulting in an outstanding finish.

The ACRYLMERIC range comprises the following products:

textured coatings for decorative & industrial applications
solvent-based primer to enhance adhesion over building substrates
specialty waterproofing barrier for the sides of tunnels, interior of the building envelope, basements & carparks
WEATHERTUFF is designed to provide an extremely tough, flexible, elastic barrier coating which is both water resistant and weather resistant
SPORTCOTE PFR Flexible, water-resistant coating for trafficable areas
flexible, water-resistant coating for trafficable areas and sports courts
hardwearing, scratch resistant floor coating for factories & cool-rooms
ACRYLMERIC WET AREA MEMBRANE is a specially formulated product for use under tiles & subject to moisture