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Concrete Sealers

is a high quality, full gloss single pack solvent based acrylic sealer formulated to provide excellent wear, abrasion resistance and general durability to concrete, paving and slate surfaces.

The product is available in two formulations:

  • ACRYLMERIC STANDARD CONCRETE SEALER which is used most often as an application to patterned and stencil driveways or as a refurbishment coating to concrete and paving and slate surfaces.
  • ACRYLMERIC PETROL & OIL RESISTANT CONCRETE SEALER which can be used for driveways, garages, aircraft hangers and any areas subject to fuel or oil spills.

ACRYLMERIC CONCRETE SEALER is normally applied as a two coat system for optimum performance and provides excellent washability. It exhibits outstanding stability to UV and provides very good abrasion resistance with multiple coat application.

Nine colour concentrates are available which can be added to the clear concrete sealer to achieve a translucent effect and the product is compatible with 90% of other sealers in this category in the market so can easily be used to revamp existing surfaces.


  • Designed for sealing of domestic pattern and stencil driveways, factory Drivewayand garage floors*, car parks, concrete pavers and slate flooring.
  • For garage floors or workshop areas requiring resistance to frequent fuel or oil spills, use ACRYLMERIC PETROL & OIL RESISTANT CONCRETE SEALER
  • For petrol or oil spillage onto garage floors coated with ACRYLMERIC CONCRETE SEALER clean up such spills immediately otherwise gloss and long term durability will be compromised.


  • Adds durability and enhanced visual impact to concrete and masonry surfaces.
  • Controls leaching of soluble calcium salts (efflorescence) from cement and concrete surfaces.
  • Displays excellent adhesion to properly prepared clean concrete surfaces.
  • Unifies the substrate, and acts as a dust suppressant from concrete floors.
  • Simplifies cleaning and spillage control procedures.

Concrete Sealer Colour Range

Nine colour concentrates are available which can be added to the clear concrete sealer to achieve a translucent effect.  These are shown below.


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