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Priming & Sealing for Construction

ACRYLMERIC Primers - Features & Benefits

Colormaker offers two excellent primer/sealers for preparing substrates prior to coating with ACRYLMERIC top coats.  These is solvent-based Superseal Primer, and water-based Tuffseal Primer designed for different substrates as detailed below.


ACRYLMERIC Superseal Primer

Acrylmeric Superseal Primer is a transparent, solvent based acrylic resin solution designed to penetrate and seal substrates – it provides a uniform surface for over-coating with Acrylmeric Membranes. Acrylmeric Superseal Primer ensures excellent adhesion to most substrates, eliminates uneven absorbtion of subsequent coatings and minimises the possibility of loss of adhesion and efflorescence resulting from the leaching of residual alkali from the substrate. Usually requiring only one coat, Acrylmeric Superseal Primer is suitable for internal and external application on surfaces such as masonry, concrete, cement render, brickwork, block walls, columns and beams, etc. Acrylmeric Superseal Primer is the partner product for priming/sealing substrates prior to applying any of the Acrylmeric Membranes.

This product is great for use under ACRYLMERIC Wet Area Membrane, Sportscote PFR and the Texacote topcoats.

ACRYLMERIC Tuffseal Primer

This product is a single-back water-based acrylic sealer/primer designed to penetrate and seal absorbent substrates in order to provide a uniform surface for hi-build coatings.  It provides a low odour alternative to solvent based options over many building substrates.

The product is great for use under ACRYLMERIC Texacote, Sportscote PFR and WeatherTuff ranges.

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