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PERMASET SUPERCOVER Fabric Inks – Unsurpassed!

, PERMASET SUPERCOVER Fabric Inks – Unsurpassed!The soft hand feel is not the best thing about Permaset; the best thing is the SUPERCOVER line of opaque pigments. How many of you have had to add opaque white base to your pigments and had to use so much pigment just to get the colour saturated it ended up costing five times more than a regular colour would have? Or have had to do more than one coat to get an opaque colour on dark fabrics? Well, you’re going to love these. Permaset SUPERCOVER pigments are ONE COAT coverage over black. Amazing. I’ve demo’d some of the SUPERCOVER inks on black with the standard cover pigment to show you the difference. To view the demo’s simply click here¦