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LUXAPOOL® Pool Paints

If your swimming pool is in need of a makeover, then LUXAPOOL® swimming pool paints are your first choice. LUXAPOOL® is the No.1 trusted swimming pool paint brand in Australia, selected by professional Pool Paint Applicators and DIY Renovators alike, for the product’s superior finish, durability and long-lasting results.

Developed and perfected over 45 years through intensive research and development by Australian coatings company Colormaker Industries; LUXAPOOL swimming pool paints are the trusted brand for both residential and commercial projects.

LUXAPOOL® Pool Paints
Residential swimming pool interior painted with LUXAPOOL Epoxy pool paint in Adriatic colour.
LUXAPOOL® Pool Paints
Pool surrounds surfaced with LUXAPOOL Poolside & Paving paint in Surmist® colour.

With LUXAPOOL’s premium products, you get what you pay for; a premium product. Our product is not the cheapest on the market, but the quality is unsurpassed as we source and import only the finest raw materials available. In addition, LUXAPOOL Epoxy features higher solids content than other brands, which means that you get better film build, delivering a pool finish which looks like new for longer, and consistently delivers years longer coating life.

LUXAPOOL Epoxy is Australian technology developed and fine-tuned over many years of laboratory research and a successful track record in the field of 45 years surfacing and resurfacing pools right across the country under the harsh Australian sun.

Also offered in the LUXAPOOL range, is a decorative, non-slip coating system for pool surrounds: LUXAPOOL Poolside & Paving, and a range of accessory products for pool painting preparation.

LUXAPOOL® Pool PaintsThe LUXAPOOL® range comprises the following products:

LUXAPOOL® Pool Paints
LUXAPOOL Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint
LUXAPOOL Epoxy coating is excellent for all new swimming pool applications and can be used to give a beautiful luxury finish to older pools. LUXAPOOL Epoxy is well suited to application over old and new cement render, fibreglass, pebblecrete, marblesheen and also previously painted epoxies.
LUXAPOOL® Pool Paints
LUXAPOOL Poolside & Paving
A water-based, decorative, non-slip coating system that is easy to apply and provides a safe and durable surface for most small pebble, concrete and paved areas. Available in a range of stylish colours.
LUXAPOOL® Pool Paints
LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint
LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber coating has been formulated for use over old or new concrete based swimming pools. It can be applied by brush, roller or spray, and displays excellent adhesion over sound previously painted chlorinated rubber coated surfaces.
LUXAPOOL® Pool Paints
LUXAPOOL Accessories
A range of speciality accessories including Structural Epoxy Fillers, Brushes and Rollers for expert pool preparation and painting.