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Primers, Sealers & Undercoats

Primers, Sealers & Undercoats - Features And Benefits

Colormaker Colorprep 3-in-1 is an excellent all-purpose water based, undercoat with superior filling and sanding properties. It is an ideal undercoat sealer for water based paints. This primer/sealer/undercoat is low-VOC, suitable for interior and exterior use on a number of substrates and ideal as a preparation coat for render, plasterboard, plaster, hardboard, soft/porous timber and general masonry surfaces.

  • Designed for application by brush, roller and airless spray.
  • Can also be tinted to aid in the coverage of deeper colours, and is available in 1L, 2L, 4L, 10L and 15L pails to suit your every need.
  • Touch dry in 20 minutes and can be re-coated in 2 hours, at 25 degrees with relative humidity.
Acrylic Sealer Undercoat

Enamel Undercoats

Colormaker Enamel Undercoats are excellent all purpose undercoats with superior filling and sanding properties. There are two variants: the Oil Based Undercoat and a Pink Wood Primer.
USES: Interior and exterior
APPLICATION: Brush / Roller
COATS: 1 to 2 coats depending on surface type and porosity.
COVERAGE: 10 -12m2 per Litre
CLEAN-UP: with Solvent
PACKAGING: 10L, 4L, 1L, 500mL

Colormaker Pink Wood Primer

Colormaker Pink Wood Primer is a special purpose wood primer, it is an oil-based primer for the priming of raw wood in interior and exterior applications.  Pink Wood Primer is an excellent product for reducing tannin bleed on bare wood and other wooden substrates, and is lead free.

Colormaker Pink Wood Primer has great flow and levelling properties, excellent opacity and unequalled filling and sanding capabilities. It provides a great base when painting any wooden substrate.

USES: Interior and exterior
APPLICATION: Brush, Roller or Spray. Apply liberally using a fully loaded brush or roller.
COATS: 1 to 2 coats depending on surface type and porosity.
COVERAGE: 12-16m2 per Litre
CLEAN-UP: Mineral turpentine
PACKAGING: 10L, 4L, 1L, 500mL

Galvanised Iron Primer

Colormaker Galvaised Iron Primer is an excellent acrylic primer designed for galvanised iron, but its’ unique chemistry allows use on bare timber, masonry and fibrous cement sheeting.
USES: Interior and exterior
APPLICATION: Brush / Roller and Spray
COATS: 1 coat depending on surface type and porosity.
COVERAGE: 8 -10m2 per Litre

Slate Sealer

Colormaker Slate Sealer is a Slate and Masonry Sealer, and a Solvent for Terrazzo and Slate. This product delivers excellent adhesion, is water resistant, extremely durable and non-yellowing.
USES: Interior and exterior
APPLICATION: Brush / Roller
COATS: 2 coat.
COVERAGE: First coat: 4 – 5m2/L Subsequent coats: 5 – 6m2/L
CLEAN-UP: Solvent

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