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Screen Printing Inks & Scenic Paints

Textile Printing & T-shirt Printing

The unique formula of PERMASET AQUA offers an environmentally friendly, easy-to-use premium textile printing ink for screen printing and block printing, that provides an unsurpassed balance of softness and durability to wash, rub and dry-clean. Permaset is a water-based fabric printing ink which is easy to use and delivers brilliant colours.

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Block Printing Ink

PERMASET AQUA is also popular for block printing onto fabrics. It is widely used with lino, wood and ezy-carve rubber blocks.  Generally one would use a brayer (hard rubber roller) to spread the ink out onto blocks, however when using PERMASET AQUA (which is a water-based ink) you need to use a soft sponge roller to spread the ink. 

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Yardage Printing

PERMASET AQUA eco-friendly, water-based inks are chosen by yardage screen printers both in Australia and overseas for printing yardage for fashion, interior furnishings, specialty textiles, costuming and fabric panels for architectural features and promotion. Many yardage printers choose PERMATONE inks, which is a colour management set designed for matching colours.

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Poster Printing and Handprinted Packaging

Colormaker's PERMAPRINT PREMIUM water-based inks are the perfect choice for screenprinting posters and handprinted packaging. This range comes in a broad range of brilliant Standard colours, as well Glow and Metallic colours, is free of toxic chemicals and has become extremely popular due to the easy clean up with water.

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Painting with PERMASET Inks

PERMASET AQUA ink is not just used for printing. As a result of the product's intense, vibrant colours, eco-friendly formulation and ease of use; artists, designers and makers are using PERMASET AQUA fabric paints to paint high-end artworks, canvas murals,  hand-paint yardage, t-shirts, clutch bags, handbags, cushions, necklaces, jewellery and accessories. 

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Scenic, Mural And Display Paints

Colormaker Industries manufactures a colourful acrylic flat water-based paint formulated especially for use in a wide range of architectural, scenic and decorative applications. PERMACRYLIK is suited to the decoration of television, film, theatrical and photographic sets, displays and exhibition fixtures, indoor and outdoor mural painting, sign-writing, posters and interior or exterior architectural feature decoration.

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