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Rust Prevention Products

Rust End Range - Features And Benefits

RUSTEND Red and Grey Zinc Phosphate Primer are high quality, all-purpose, anti-corrosive, oil-based alkyd metal primer used for priming properly prepared ferrous metals including steel, cast iron, wrought iron, gutters, downpipes and weathered galvanised iron. (Galvanised Iron Primer for new galvanised iron)

RUSTEND Aluminium Silver Enamel is highly resistant to water and salt penetration, and provides a bright metal topcoat for interior or exterior ducting or metal roofing.

RUSTEND Fish Oil is a special purpose high-penetrating corrosion inhibitor. It penetrates deeply through microscopic cracks and fissures in the metal surface. RUSTEND Fish Oil cures to leave a solid film that assists in inhibiting corrosion. This product is excellent for use on areas where access to metal surface is difficult.


USES: Interior and exterior
APPLICATION: Brush / Roller / Spray
COATS: 1 coat depending on surface type
COVERAGE: 10 -12m2 per Litre for Red Oxide, Grey Primers.12 – 16m2 per Litre for Silver Enamel & Fish Oil
CLEAN-UP: Solvent – Mineral Turpentine
PACKAGING: Fish Oil is available in 1L & 4L only. RUSTEND is available in 500mL, 1L, 4L, 10L & 15L sizes.

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