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Waterproofing Barrier for Water Tanks, Fish Ponds & Retaining Walls


New ACRYLMERIC WB Epoxy Primer Membrane is an innovative 2-pack water-based epoxy primer/membrane which is used for priming and waterproofing a wide variety of substrates. Resistant to hydrostatic pressure, this product is an excellent choice for use as a barrier on various surfaces outlined below.

  • WB Epoxy Primer Membrane is excellent for waterproofing water tanks, fish ponds, Aquaculture ponds, retaining walls and underground carparks
  • Designed for preventing seepage or dampness penetration through interior walls and floors
  • Ideal as a waterproofing barrier on both the positive (wet) side and carpark-painted-with-wb-epoxy-lightened-for-websitenegative (dry) side of tunnels, or the interior of the building envelope, as well as a waterproofing barrier for retaining walls, basements and car parks
  • Great for waterproofing concrete floors underneath vinyl and timber overlays
  • Forms a moisture barrier on damp floors and walls including green concrete
  • Excellent as a primer for fibreglass, acrylic and polyurethane membranes
  • Can also be used as a concrete curing membrane, or as a dust seal for concrete.
Can be used as both a Primer and Waterproofing agent on many substratesDoes 2 jobs at once, priming & waterproofing at the same time
Resistant to hydrostatic pressureDoesn’t allow moisture through, which makes it excellent as a waterproofing barrier on both the positive (wet) side and negative (dry) side of tunnels, interior of the building envelope, as well as retaining walls, basements & carparks
Excellent adhesion to brick, concrete, masonry, concrete block, stone & fibreglassCan be used on a large range of substrates
Provides excellent adhesion to both dry & damp surfacesCan be used on damp substrates, including floors and walls
Can be applied to green concreteSaving on cycle time from > 30 days to just 1 day
Can be top coated with any paint (single or 2-pack)Top coat can be water-based or solvent based
Prevents rising dampGreat for use on walls and floors in damp rooms
Water-based, non-toxic and non-flammableEnvironmentally friendly, healthier in the workplace
VOC Free, low odour, easy clean-up in waterNo dealing with smelly solvents

There are two WB Epoxy Primer Membrane kit sizes:

  • 4L kit comprises 2L Part-A in 4L pail and 2L Part-B, which you mix together prior to application
  • 20L kit comprises 10L Part-A in 20L pail and 10L Part-B, which you mix together prior to application.

The product is Grey in colour, however WB Epoxy Primer Membrane can be top coated with any paint colour.


Coverage up to 3m²/L per coat depending upon surface roughness and porosity. Two coats are required for waterproofing.  The product is touch dry in 3 hours, and can be recoated in 5 hours.

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