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The things you can do with fish oil!

It’s always great to see some of the amazingly creative ways that people use our products. Recently we were sent some pictures of art installations created by John Piccoli (known colloquially as “The Spanner Man”). John has created some amazing works sculpting with spanners and using Colormaker’s Fish Oil product.

, The things you can do with fish oil!

John’s rusty sculptures are rather like iron lace pieces. He gets a photo of the animal or whatever it is he wants to sculpt and then creates a piece from that. He visualises the creation in his head and then proceeds without the use of drawings. Because John is confined to a wheelchair, he works mainly on the ground and manoeuvres the pieces around with the use of ropes and overhead pulleys. It’s a truly remarkable process!

With exhibitions in Melbourne at Manyung Gallery, the Gary McEwen Galleries in St Kilda, Southbank, the Artist Garden in Fitzroy and Darling Harbour in Sydney, John is becoming very well known for his work.

The things you can do with fish oil!

John’s family property is at Barraport  in the Boort area near Bendigo in Victoria. Bryngoleu garden is a lovely setting for John’s sculptures and because it is quite large, gives a lovely canvas to be able to show them off to their best advantage. The garden houses many wonderful pieces, including a bull with huge horns, two fighting horses and a swordfish (all full size). John’s latest creation is a bucking bronco with a cowboy on his back.

The things you can do with fish oil!

If you’re interested in using Colormaker Fish Oil for your own creations, please give us a ring at the office or drop us an email.