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Epoxy Floor Coatings

ACRYLMERIC® Epoxacote®  is a range of , Epoxy Floor Coatingshard-wearing, scratch-resistant, high-build floor coatings and ancillary products for sealing and protecting factory floors, cool rooms and industrial applications such as food and beverage processing areas.

Areas of Use

  • Sealing and protecting factory and workshop floors subject to wear and tear
  • Excellent for use in food and beverage processing areas subject to high traffic and soiling
  • Great for cool room floors exposed to water and abrasion
  • One variant has been developed specifically for filling cracks, depressions and anchor bolt holes in masonry and concrete surfaces

Epoxy Floor Coatings


  • High-build and hard-wearing, great for industrial flooring applications
  • Provides a tough, hard scratch-resistant surface
  • May be used on damp and/or green concrete
  • Select grades perform well in wet areas and areas subject to water immersion such as cool room floors
  • Some variants are Low-VOC, offering minimal environmental and WHSE impact during application

Sizes and Colours

  • 2-pack kits available in various sizes (depending upon project requirements) typically 5 L and 20 L kits
  • Available in Clear, Grey, Black or White (depending on variant)
  • Other colours available by special arrangement.
Epoxy Floor Coatings
ACRYLMERIC Epoxacote is available in special colours upon request. Charges apply.

Epoxacote®  is available in a number of different variants suited to industrial, food processing, commercial and engineering applications.  Contact Colormaker Industries for detailed information on these variants, or to find your local stockist phone 02 9939 7977.