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Construction & Waterproofing Coatings

Concrete Sealers

ACRYLMERIC CONCRETE SEALER is a high quality, full gloss single pack solvent based acrylic sealer formulated to provide excellent wear, abrasion resistance and general durability to concrete, paving and slate surfaces. The product is available in two formulations: ACRYLMERIC STANDARD CONCRETE SEALER which is used most often as an application to patterned and stencil driveways or …

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Waterproofing Barrier for Tanks, Tunnels & Carparks

NEW ACRYLMERIC WB EPOXY PRIMER MEMBRANE COLORMAKER’S NEW ACRYLMERIC WB EPOXY PRIMER MEMBRANE is an innovative 2-pack water-based epoxy primer/membrane which is used for priming and waterproofing a wide variety of substrates. Resistant to hydrostatic pressure, this product is an excellent choice for use as a barrier on various surfaces outlined below. AREAS OF USE …

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Epoxy Floor Coatings

ACRYLMERIC Epoxacote is a range of hardwearing, scratch resistant, high build floor coatings and ancillary products for sealing and protecting factory floors, cool-rooms and industrial applications such as food and beverage processing areas. Areas of Use Sealing and protecting factory and workshop floors subject to wear and tear Excellent for use in food and beverage …

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