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Oil-Based Paving Paint

Colormaker Oil-Based Paving Paint - Features & Benefits

COLORMAKER Oil-Based Paving Paint is a full gloss, long lasting and durable interior and exterior paint designed specifically for concrete and flooring applications. It offers excellent resistance to scuffing and marking and is supplied ready to use from the container.


Areas where Oil-based Paving Paint may be used include verandahs, patios, laundries, workshops & showrooms, handrails, garage floors and light industrial areas.


Available in 1L, 4L, 10L and 15 Litre sizes.


Colormaker Paving Paints are offered in the wide range of Greys plus many other colours for safety line marking and road marking .  See our Colour Chart below to choose your colour.

Colormaker Oil based Paving Paint delivers a gloss finish which is excellent for sprucing up garage floors

Paving Paint Colours - Click on each colour for further information

Mission BrownMission Brown
Russet Brown^Russet Brown^
Heritage Red*Heritage Red*
Ferric Red^Ferric Red^
Royal Red^Royal Red^
Safety Orange X15Safety Orange X15
Brolga SunriseBrolga Sunrise
Road Marking Yellow^Road Marking Yellow^
Powdercoat PrimrosePowdercoat Primrose
Off White*Off White*
Wee Jasper*Wee Jasper*
Birch Grey*Birch Grey*
Mist Green*Mist Green*
Caulfield Green*Caulfield Green*
Slate Grey*Slate Grey*
Deep ForestDeep Forest
Brunswick GreenBrunswick Green
Royal Green^Royal Green^
Twilight BlueTwilight Blue
Gull Grey*Gull Grey*
Tempest Grey^Tempest Grey^
Road Marking White^Road Marking White^
Azure BlueAzure Blue
Blue Hills*Blue Hills*
Mountain Blue*Mountain Blue*

Actual colours may vary from representation on screen and from batch to batch.
* These colours match COLORBOND® colours
^ These colours are the Standard factory manufactured colours

See also Colormaker Water-Based Paving Paint. For further information call Colormaker on 02 9939 7977 or to purchase see our Stockists.

Application Guide

Under normal conditions COLORMAKER PAVING PAINT is touch dry in 2 hours. A non-slip finish can be achieved with the addition of COLORMAKER NON-SLIP ADDITIVE to the paint prior to application of the final coat (minimum 2 coats is recommended). COLORMAKER PAVING PAINT can be applied by brush or roller and without the addition of non-slip additive by spray equipment. It is imperative that the label instructions are properly followed for surface preparation and product application.


Approximately 8-10m2/litre 1st coat, depending on surface type, porosity and texture.
Approximately 12m2/litre 2nd and subsequent coats.


Attention to detail when preparing surfaces to be painted will ensure a better finish and maximize the life of COLORMAKER PAVING PAINT. Any loose or flaking material must be removed and the surface prepared as per instructions below.

  • Estimate the surface area to be painted and calculate how much paint you will require, remember it is better to slightly overestimate than to run out of paint before completing your job. (See coverage rates)
  • Where a non-slip finish is required add COLORMAKER NON-SLIP ADDITIVE to the paint prior to application of the final coat. Continuous stirring required once added.
  • As a general rule work in small areas (1 to 2 square metres) at a time at the recommended spreading rate. Two coats correctly applied will give better performance and finish than one heavily applied coat.
  • Be sure to keep paints and cleaning equipment away from children at all times. Store in a safe dry place. Do not smoke while using solvent based paints.
  • The general instructions supplied with this product are adequate for most applications. However if you have any doubts about surface type, preparation or application please contact your stockist, or Colormaker Industries.


All surfaces to be painted must be thoroughly cleaned and be free of dirt, dust and grease. Degrease the area with a suitable degreaser to remove any grease and oil contaminants. Remove all loose and flaking paint. Any painted surfaces must be thoroughly abraded with sandpaper until the whole surface appears a uniform matt finish. Any new or smooth concrete should be etched with a solution of one part of commercial 32% Hydrochloric Acid and five parts water. Wear gloves and safety glasses.

ALWAYS ADD THE ACID TO THE WATER. Use a plastic container. Apply liberally and agitate with a stiff-bristled broom. Allow fifteen (15 ) minutes for the acid to react with the concrete. Once etching is complete thoroughly rinse off all acid with water and allow to dry. Always wear protective clothing to protect the eyes and skin when using acid. New cement must be allowed to cure for at least six (6) weeks prior to painting with COLORMAKER PAVING PAINT. Smooth steel-trowelled cement MUST be acid etched. Wooden pre-painted floors should be scraped free of loose and flaking paint and abraded with sandpaper prior to painting. New wooden floors should be primed with COLORMAKER PINK WOOD PRIMER prior to painting. Friable/crumbling concrete should be prepared with COLORMAKER SUPER SEAL PRIMER prior to painting. On bare or smooth concrete surfaces one coat of COLORMAKER SUPER SEAL PRIMER 24 hours prior to painting further enhances adhesive qualities of COLORMAKER PAVING PAINT.

STIRRING: Mix contents thoroughly with a broad flat stirrer using a circular, lifting motion prior to applying.

THINNING: Not normally required.


COLORMAKER PAVING PAINT can be applied by brush, roller or spray equipment.

Brush – Apply liberally with brush and lay off with tip of brush.

Roller – Use a medium nap roller sleeve (12mm nap) for best results.

Spray – Use an 11 thou. tip for best results. Thinning not normally recommended, however if required use Mineral Turpentine in accordance with spraying equipment specifications.


NON- SLIP FINISH: Achieved with the addition of COLORMAKER NON-SLIP GRIT ADDITIVE. Simply add COLORMAKER NON-SLIP ADDITIVE to the Paving Paint at the rate of 60-75 grams per litre while stirring with a flat blade stirrer, prior to the final coat. Allow to stand for 10-15 minutes prior to application.

TOUCH DRY: Under normal drying conditions COLORMAKER PAVING PAINT is touch-dry in 2 hours. COLORMAKER PAVING PAINT may be walked on after 6-8 hours drying.

RE-COAT: Under normal drying conditions recoat COLORMAKER PAVING PAINT after overnight drying.

CLEAN UP: Clean all brushes, rollers and spray equipment (while wet) with Mineral Turpentine.

SAFETY DIRECTIONS: Contains 30-60% White Spirit (flammable).


Colormaker Oil-Based Paving Paint Tech Data Sheet