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Choosing ACRYLMERIC® Sportscote PFR Colours

ACRYLMERIC® Sportscote PFR, a decorative weather resistant trafficable membrane has an exciting new colour offering across two ranges.
Choosing ACRYLMERIC® Sportscote PFR Colours

With this many colour choices available, deciding on a colour can be overwhelming.  These 5 tips will help you choose the right colour for your project.

TIP 1 – Colours That Compliment Existing Features

ACRYLMERIC® Sportscote PFR can be used on roof top decks, balconies and verandahs.  To create a harmonious and restful ambience choose a colour that compliments existing architectural features.  The Sportscote PFR colour range includes 8 COLORBOND® Steel colours (Classic Cream, Shale Grey, Dune, Basalt, Windspray Deep Ocean, Monument and Night Sky) and the popular Australian Standard colour, Merino.  These Sportscote COLORBOND® colours have been carefully matched to provide harmonious colour integration across a variety of architectural elements.

TIP 2 – Matching COLORBOND® Paint Colours

For a seamless colour transition from wall to pathway ACRYLMERIC® Sportscote PFR colours are also available in the ACRYLMERIC® WeatherTuff range of high build protective exterior wall coatings.  In addition to the 8 COLORBOND® Steel colours, ACRYLMERIC® WeatherTuff is available in the following Sportscote PFR Colours; Arctic White, Surfmist and Light Grey.

Choosing ACRYLMERIC® Sportscote PFR Colours

In addition to having the flexibility to choose matching colours from both Sportscote PFR trafficable membrane range and WeatherTuff high build exterior wall range, this set of three colours are popular colours for the modern Australian home and form the basis of versatile colour schemes.

TIP 3 – Colours Appear Lighter in Full Sun

ACRYLMERIC® Sportscote PFR trafficable P5-rated non-slip coating is also perfect for pathways, cycleways, pontoons and wharfs. In instances like these where choosing a colour is not dependent on existing architectural elements it is important to be mindful that colours in full sun appear much lighter. The colour Surfmist will appear white on a bright sunny day. To avoid excessive glare consider mid tone colours such as Light Grey.

TIP 4 – Consider Surrounding Colours

How your eyes perceive colour is influenced by surrounding colours and lighting. Always look at colour swatches outside, in the shade, preferably in the middle of the day, to assess the suitability of a colour. To illustrate how the perception of colour is influenced by surrounding colour look at the illustration below:

Choosing ACRYLMERIC® Sportscote PFR Colours

The centre swatch looks different within the black, green and white backgrounds even though it’s the same colour, in this case Surfmist.

TIP 5 – Brightening Up a Space

If you’re creative and want to brighten up a space, ACRYLMERIC® Sportscote PFR trafficable P5-rated non-slip coating is now available in 12 vibrant Rainbow, Safety Yellow and Sports Court colours.  The safe P5 non-slip rating for Sportscote PFR allows artists to use the new colourful palette for trafficable floor applications.

Choosing ACRYLMERIC® Sportscote PFR Colours

The applications are endless, bright pedestrian crossings, streetscape art, expressive sports courts and street calming road murals. The 12 new Sportscote PFR colours include the primary colours (Rainbow Red, Yellow and Sports Blue) and secondary colours (Rainbow Orange, Green and Violet). The bright colour range is extended with the tints, Rainbow Pink and Light Blue for added pop and contrast.

Recently Patrick Hunter, @inkhunterartist demonstrated the potential for creative expression with ACRYLMERIC® Sportscote PFR and Colormaker SolarColor Exterior paint in an immersive installation about the impact humans have on the environment. ACRYLMERIC® Sportscote PFR and indeed all Colormaker paints are sustainably made with 100% renewable energy.

Choosing ACRYLMERIC® Sportscote PFR Colours

If you’re looking for earthy colours then a palette of made up of Beachsand, Arnhem, Rich Redwood and Rainbow Brown will evoke visions of the Australian outback and pay homage to country.

Choosing ACRYLMERIC® Sportscote PFR Colours

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