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Interior Paints

Acrylic Range - Features and Benefits

Colormaker ULTRAWASH Interior Acrylics are water-based paints that have exceptional coverage and deliver an outstanding finish. ULTRAWASH Acrylics are washable and will provide a hard-wearing finish to almost any surface around the home.

  • Exceptional coverage which delivers a smooth, outstanding finish
  • Excellent durability
  • Superior stain resistance
  • Wash and scrub resistant
  • Suitable for interior walls, ceilings, children’s play areas, family rooms, hallways and bathrooms
  • Available in White and Tint bases, as well as different sheen levels. This range can be tinted to almost any colour you can imagine, and are available in 1L, 2L, 4L, 10L and 15L sizes.
  • Designed for application by brush, roller and airless spray, and easily washes out in water whilst still wet.
  • Touch dry in 30 minutes and can be re-coated in 2 hours, at 25 degrees with relative humidity.

Colormaker GLOSS ACRYLIC is ideally suited to high use areas such as balustrades, skirting boards etc. It is also ideal for suitably prepared metal, fibro, masonry, weatherboard, timber surfaces and to surfaces subject to frequent cleaning such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Colormaker SEMI-GLOSS ACRYLIC is ideally suited to prepared – Plasterboard, fibro, weatherboard and timber surfaces. This product is also suitable for high moisture areas and surfaces subject to frequent cleaning such as interior walls, or ceilings in kitchens and bathrooms.

Colormaker LOW-SHEEN ACRYLIC provides a durable, stain-resistant, washable finish, which is suitable for interior walls, ceilings, children’s play areas, family rooms, hallways and bathrooms.

Colormaker FLAT ACRYLIC features an ultra flat finish, which is excellent for hiding those surface imperfections. This product provides a tough finish ideally suited to most interior walls and ceilings, including lounge rooms, family rooms, dining and living areas, bedrooms and hallways.


Ceiling Paint

Colormaker CEILING WHITE is a premium, white water-based flat paint formulated specifically for use on Interior ceilings.  This product has been formulated as a long-lasting, outstanding flat finish.

  • New spatter-resistant formulation
  • Excellent opacity to cover surface imperfections
  • Easy to apply and provides excellent hiding power with just one application
  • Easy clean up with water
  • Can also be tinted to most pastel shaded colours to enhance the look of your room
  • ColorMaker CEILING WHITE is available in 2L, 4L, 10L and 15L sizes to suit your every need
  • Touch dry in 20 minutes and can be re-coated in 2 hours, at 25 degrees with relative humidity.

Colormaker CEILING WHITE is designed specifically for Interior ceilings. Due to its Ultra Flat Finish, it is ideal for the bedroom, study, lounge room and living areas, the dining room and the hallway. This product should not be used for exterior applications or in rooms of high moisture i.e. bathroom, laundry (these rooms ceilings should be painted with Colormaker SEMI-GLOSS ACRYLIC) Colormaker CEILING WHITE may only be used in kitchens that have an adequate exhaust system above the stove.

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ULTRATUFF Gloss Enamel

ULTRATUFF Gloss Enamel delivers an excellent high gloss finish, superior coverage and is self-levelling.  The product is available in White and Black.

USES: Interior and exterior
APPLICATION: Brush / Roller and Spray
COATS: 2 coats depending on surface type and porosity.
COVERAGE: 12 -14m2 per Litre
FINISH: Full Gloss
CLEAN-UP: Solvent
PACKAGING: 4L,  1L, 500mL