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Permaplastik is a 100% acrylic flat water-based paint formulated Permaplastik Scenic Paints used to paint the Free The Reef van by Ozzy Wrong
especially for use in a wide range of architectural, scenic and decorative applications. Permaplastik is ideally suited to the decoration of television, film, theatrical and photographic sets, displays and exhibition fixtures, sign-writing, posters and interior or exterior architectural feature decoration.

Scenic Range

This range consists of 20 full-strength colours made from the finest quality pigments in an acrylic base, which can be mixed with white or other colours in the scenic range. Permaplastik is easily applied and cleaned up in water using conventional methods, and features excellent coverage and a dead flat (non-reflective) finish which can be re-worked after one hour’s drying time.

Glow Range Permaplastik Scenic Paint

The Glow Range consists of 8 fluorescent colours- best results being achieved when applied on a white background such as Permaplastik Scenic White or Permaplastik Acrylic Sealer Undercoat.

The Glow range of Permaplastik paints is widely using in sign writing and by mural artists including Mulga the Artist to make their murals pop.

Digital Green and Digital Blue Digital Green

Create green screen footage for movie sets or film sets using Permaplastik digital green or digital blue paint. Permaplastik digital green is suitable for creation of green screens for composite photographic, filming and special effects purposes. Suitable for educational use in school productions. It is 100% water-based acrylic paint which delivers a flat non-reflective finish to be used for chroma keying of digital footage.

The Permaplastik range is available from various Retailers, the Colormaker Paint Shop, or you can buy online from out Permaset website.