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PERMAPLASTIK is a 100% acrylic flat, non-reflective, water-based paint formulated especially for use in a wide range of architectural, scenic and decorative applications. PERMAPLASTIK is ideally suited to the decoration of television, film, theatrical and photographic sets, indoor and outdoor murals, displays and exhibition fixtures, sign-writing, posters and interior or exterior architectural feature decoration.

Permaplastik paints have featured in movies including Star Wars Episodes 7-9, Baz Luhrmann’s Australia, The Matrix, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Mad Max Fury Road, The Great Gatsby as well as many professional and school theatre productions and murals.

The Foxtel Hub was decorated with Permaplastik scenic paints at a Melbourne festival.

Permaplastik Scenic Range

This ghetto blaster was painted with Permaplastik metallic paints and featured in a musical theatre set

The PERMAPLASTIK Scenic range consists of 20 full-strength colours made from the finest quality pigments in an acrylic base, which can be mixed with white or other colours in the scenic range. Permaplastik is easily applied and cleaned up in water using conventional methods, and features excellent coverage and a dead flat (non-reflective) finish which can be re-worked after one hour’s drying time.

The non-reflective nature of the flat finish enables these paints to be easily touched up. They are perfect for scrims, backdrops and other porous surfaces.

St Augustines College mural was painted by Mulga the Artist using Permaplastik scenic paints

Permaplastik Glow Range

The PERMAPLASTIK Glow Range consists of 8 vibrant fluorescent colours made from brightly coloured pigments- best results are achieved when applied on a white background such as Permaplastik Scenic White or Permaplastik Acrylic Sealer Undercoat to make these colours pop.

The following PERMAPLASTIK Glow colours glow under UV lighting:

  • Glow Yellow
  • Glow Orange
  • Glow Red
  • Glow Pink
  • Glow Green
  • Glow Violet (only glows a little)
  • Glow Magenta
  • Note: the Glow Blue colour does not glow under UV light

The Glow range of PERMAPLASTIK paints is widely using in sign writing, theatre set decoration and by mural artists including Mulga the Artist to make their murals pop.



Permaplastik Digital Green and Digital Blue

Digital Green
PERMAPLASTIK Digital Green is perfect for creating green screen footage.

Create green screen footage for movie sets or film sets using Permaplastik digital green or digital blue paint. Permaplastik digital green is suitable for the creation of green screens for composite photographic, filming and special effects purposes. It is also suitable for educational use in school productions.

Permaplastik digital green is a 100% water-based acrylic paint which delivers a flat non-reflective finish and works perfectly for chroma keying of digital footage.


Permaplastik Metallic Paints for Metallic Feature Walls

A current fashion trend is metallic feature walls, and Permaplastik has a range of Metallic colours including Silver, Gold and Copper, with a whole range of other metallic colours which can to be mixed using the Permaplastik Pearl White.  These metallic paint colours can be used to create stunning metallic feature walls like this gold feature wall below. Check with Colormaker for the complete range of colours.

Create stunning gold, silver and copper feature walls similar to this with Permaplastik metallic paints.

Black & White Paints for Art Galleries & Night Club Walls

The pure flat, non-reflective nature of Permaplastik paints means that the White in the range is often chosen for painting art gallery walls.  The Permplastik Black is also excellent for delivering the flat non-reflective finish required in nightclubs and night time venues.  Interior designers seeking an on-trend black wall finish also find the Permaplastik Black paint appealing due to its black flat finish.

Permaplastik White scenic paint is non-reflective and perfect for painting art gallery walls.

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