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Our Brands

Colormaker manufactures a wide range of coatings and paint products for house and architectural use, building and trade construction, the pool construction and renovation industry and the screen printing and art & craft materials industries.


COLORMAKER House & Architectural Paints:Colormaker brand

a complete range of interior and exterior paints, primers, paving paints and rust prevention products.


ACRYLMERIC Construction & Waterproofing coatings:Acrylmeric brand

concrete sealers, waterproofing membranes, textured finishes for cement rendered surfaces & specialty primer sealers.


LUXAPOOL Pool Paint & Poolside Paving products:Luxapool logo

Australia’s leading brand of pool paint for swimming pools, aquatic facilities, ponds and fountains.


PERMASET Textile printing Inks: Permaset brand

the revolutionary,100% solvent-free, ecofriendly textile screen printing inks for screen printing and block printing.


PERMAPLASTIK Scenic Paints:Permaplastik Scenic Paint brand

for murals, TV & theatre sets, outdoor art and signwriting uses.


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