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Permaset features at London Fashion Week

March 15, 2009

A great marker of how the UK fashion industry regards the ethical fashion movement is the seasonal reaction to the Estethica exhibition, which showcases ethical and eco labels. Estethica has found its way into the spotlight this season, opening London Fashion Week with Noir's catwalk and the launch of the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan. The bar has...

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Permaset SUPERCOVER Fabric Inks – Unsurpassed!

February 23, 2009

The soft hand feel is not the best thing about Permaset; the best thing is the SUPERCOVER line of opaque pigments. How many of you have had to add opaque white base to your pigments and had to use so much pigment just to get the colour saturated it ended up costing five times more than a regular colour would have? Or have had to do more than one coat to get an opaque...

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Textile Turning Points

December 9, 2008

Fashion would be nothing without the textiles from which it is made. Pressure on designers to hit a standard of proper manufacturing as well as sustainable fabrics and eco-conscious finishing treatments are more and more intense as the entire globe looks at how to help the environment.  The design industry is not going to get a break from the political end...

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Colormaker announces the launch of LUXAPOOL Poolside & Paving

September 8, 2008

The manufacturers of LUXAPOOL, Australia's leading brand of domestic pool paints, are proud to announce the release of Luxapool Poolside and Paving, a new concept in poolside decoration and maintenance for hard poolside surfaces. For many years now, after painting the pool interior, home owners have then looked despairingly at the aged and worn...

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Finally a new range of Water-based inks – Permaset Aqua

June 13, 2007

After years of hating the smell and wondering why water-based ink couldn't quite make the grade with its colours and washability I'd almost given up on Permaset and the like. They were banished to the bottom shelves to gather dust and we reached an impasse where my nostrils lived in peace and we plowed forward almost entirely with Plastisol inks. Giving up the...

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